Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sea Otter Baby!

Lots to celebrate on the racing front...Touchstone was well represented in top placings at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey:

Women's Cat 4 Road Race: Jamima Iley 2nd, Anne Taupier 27th
Women's Cat 4 Circuit: Jamima Iley 2nd, Lisa Stefke 19th, Anne Taupier 25th, Jess de Jesus 26th
Men's Cat 4 Master's Road Race: Scott Herring 5th
Men's Cat 5 Circuit: Ken Dick 11th
Men's Cat 5 Master's 40+ Circuit: Andrew Tilin, 4th
Women's Elite Pro Road Race: Maria Monica 2nd, Kelly McDonald 4th
Women's Cat 3 Road Race: Janeen Thorpe 2nd

Stay tuned for a full race report from Jamima Iley who has upgraded to Cat 3 after her stellar performance at Sea Otter!

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