Sunday, March 8, 2009

Merco Grand Prix and Foothills Road Race

The Grand Prix was pretty uneventful. It was a big field and a steady pace. No drama, no breaks, some unenticing primes for Powerbars... It came down to a field sprint in the end. I wasn't in terrible position going into the last corner, but I didn't get going soon enough. Some of those girls have a fast short sprint, but I regretted not going sooner. Crits are still new to me, but it was a good learning experience. I got 7th, but wished I had worked harder. Roaring Mouse got 2nd and 3rd (Marissa Axel and Beverly Chaney) and Marley Smith, a cat 4 racer won!

Heather and I got to race together for the first time and the first 30 miles were a perfect pace to chat and talk about our plans for the season. We also hung out with our additional teamate for the day, Cody Graf from Wells Fargo. We considered making a break after the first lap, but the hills weren't that big, and the relaxing pace and shelter from the cool drizzle was too cozy to leave. In the end the pace picked up in the end and we moved up on the rough road. The little bumps at the end strung the group out a bit, and I snagged 3rd and Heather got 11th. Cody got 2nd and Bergen Watterson from Roaring Mouse won! It was fun standing on the podium with such nice riders!